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Donation is made, you receive a $300 tax credit

Donate the proceeds of your vehicle to Breast Cancer Action Ottawa! BCA Ottawa is a Not For Profit charity, meaning every last dollar from your vehicle donation will go to supporting Ottawa women and families affected by breast cancer.


The process is quick and easy. Cash for Trash Canada will handle all aspects of your generous donation from the pickup to the final auction or recycling of your vehicle. After your vehicle donation is complete, Breast Cancer Action Ottawa will send you a tax receipt in the mail.


Cash for Trash Canada accepts donations from all over the Greater Ottawa Area.


Breast Cancer Action Ottawa is pleased to partner with Cash for Trash Canada and gratefully acknowledges the generosity of all individual donors who have made Breast Cancer Action Ottawa their charity of choice.


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You can turn your vehicle donation into generous dollars to support Breast Cancer Action Ottawa! We will accept your vehicle for donation — running, or not! Old or new!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does my vehicle need to be complete?


Yes your vehicle needs to be complete with no missing parts. If your vehicle is not complete please fill out the form or contact us to make sure your vehicle qualifies for the program.


2) Does my vehicle need to be running?


Your vehicle does not need to be in running condition to be eligible for the program.


3) Is there a limit on the age of the vehicle?


No, we accept any year of vehicle.


4) Do you pick up underground or in an alleyway?


No, we cannot obtain a vehicle from an underground parking garage or an alleyway; there must be enough room for a tow truck to remove the vehicle from its location.


5) How much will I receive for a charitable tax receipt?




6) Do you pick up in remote areas?


We pick up in most major areas, but if your vehicle is in a remote area please contact us to make sure we have pickup services in your area.


7) Do I need the original registration for the vehicle?


Yes, we do require the original registration for the vehicle to be able to transfer it out of your name – you can leave it with the vehicle or hand to the authorized recycler.


8) Do you require the keys to the vehicle?


Yes, we do require keys for the vehicle – you can leave them with the vehicle or hand to the authorized recycler.


9) Do I need to be the registered owner of the vehicle to put it through the program?


Yes, we do require you to the registered owner; we cannot accept any vehicles that you do not own.


10) How do I apply to put my vehicle through this program?


You can fill out the form online at or if you do not have internet access you can call 613-831-2900‬ and we will do the application for you. You will need the ownership with you when you call.


11) Can I choose which Charity the funds go to?


We have partnered specifically with Breast Cancer Action Ottawa.


12) What is the process for this program?


Once the online application is filled out, your vehicle information is sent out to Cash for Trash Canada.


You will then be contacted by phone or email. You will have the option to accept or decline the amount.


13) How do I get my Charitable Tax Receipt?


Your charitable tax receipt will be mailed directly to you from Breast Cancer Action Ottawa in approximately 2-3 months.


14) What happens to my vehicle once it has been picked up?


Your vehicle will be environmentally safely recycled, all fluids will be drained and mercury switch removed before being dismantled.


15) Is there any cost involved?


There is no cost to the customer; the vehicle will be picked up at no charge, and the charity receives all the funds from the sale of your vehicle to a certified auto recycler, Cash for Trash.

Charitable Partners


A child’s life is his home, school, friends and community. It takes a positive experience in all arenas to build a healthy child. Kars4Kids is a registered nonprofit Jewish organization who, together with Oorah, our sister charity, help thousands of children develop into productive members of the community.

Your donation supports the youth and educational programs of national nonprofit Kars4Kids and our sister charity Oorah.


Donate a Car makes car donations simple for both you, and the charity you love. We make used car donations, car removal, car recycling, or simply junking a car an easy process for you.

We are honored to manage every donation made, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

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