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We buy and recycle ALL unwanted vehicles and offer a FREE  junk car removal service in Ottawa and all surrounding areas. We will pay TOP DOLLAR for your vehicle, guaranteed.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We strive to pleasantly surprise each and every one of our customers.

We are the leaders in scrap vehicle removal and have been in the recycling business for over 8 years. All of our processes are time-tested and constantly refined to provide an amazing experience for you when you sell us your junk car, or bring us your scrap metal for recycling.

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Fast & Efficient

After getting your quote, we can quickly schedule a time that’s convenient for you to have your vehicle removed.

In some cases, you can have your car removed and cash in your hand within an hour of calling us!

Our vehicle removal specialists are highly experienced and fully insured, and make the car removal process quick and easy!

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Cash for Trash Canada is committed to protecting the environment and reducing the harm done to it. As such, we recycle the steel from automobiles to save natural resources as well as energy.

When you recycle your old unfit gas-guzzler, you help reduce your carbon footprint and work towards a more sustainable environment for future generations. Not only that, you get an extra cash payday!


Highest Payouts

It does not matter if you have one car or several, we can salvage each one and give you cash immediately. Besides, think about what you could do with the money you get from selling that old car. Instead of allowing your car to rot, you might as well sell it and use the money to buy something for yourself!

Selling your old clunker to make some cash on a fly is not a bad idea at all. Not to mention, the process is speedy, the service is free of charge, and you have an entire friendly staff within reach for troubleshooting.

Sell your old cars with Cash for Trash and get paid cash!

If you’re looking for the most efficient and customer-friendly scrap car collection service around, you’ve come to the right place because we at Cash for Trash can help you no matter how old your car is, or what condition it’s in. We can guarantee to pay you the most for your vehicle. As prices fluctuate for scrap vehicles, we’re constantly updating our database to ensure that you get the price for your car that you deserve. You won’t find our removal specialists trying to re-negotiate the price you’ll receive for your car when they reach your property, but will find that all the relevant paperwork will be filled in and cash payment made on the spot when your car is collected. Our car removal specialists are expected by us to always reach your property on time and at a time that suits you, meaning that you won’t have to change your plans or waste time waiting around for them to appear.

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Recycle Your Junk Car Today

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When you decide to dispose of your vehicle, you should choose a recognized recycling company that respects environmental regulations, and also respects you. That’s why you’ll prefer Cash for Trash Canada’s vehicle removal and recycling program over the rest!

Benefits of Recycling Your Car

    • It minimizes pollution and your carbon footprint
    • It helps to reduce insurance rates
  • The cash you get from recycling your junk car can go towards a down payment for a new vehicle

When you leave a vehicle in an empty parking space, at a landfill or let it rust away in your garage, you’re creating a great deal of pollution in the environment around you. By recycling the vehicle, you’ll be saving the atmosphere from pollution, and will be getting back your storage or yard space to do something more productive with it. Moreover, the recycling process used by Car Removal companies is eco-friendly, and completely taken care of by them creating no hassles for you.

Earn Some Cash

The biggest motivation for many to recycle their old and junk cars through a vehicle removal company is that you can earn handsome amounts of money from it. At Cash for Trash we’ll purchase your junk car from you, no matter what condition it’s in and we’ll recycle it in the most eco-friendly way.