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Why Recycle Your Vehicle?

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There’s no reason to keep your old car on the road for longer than it should be. With high repair costs and rising environmental concerns, you should consider recycling your vehicle.

You may be surprised to find out how easy the process is, and how much money you could get for your old, used, broken down, unreliable, or scrap vehicle.


Committed to the Environment

We strongly believe in recycling whenever possible, and over the years we have helped to recycle hundreds of tons of metal, reducing its impact on the environment.

We have been offering cash for unwanted cars, and junk car recycling services for over 7 years, and today continue our commitment to recycling using the latest technology and recycling methods.

Our strict environmental policies mean we dispose of all fluids and waste using best-practice methods.

We are Professional Recycling Specialists

Cash for Trash will purchase and recycle any vehicle or machinery made out of metal. With more than 7 years in the scrap metal industry, we believe in recycling as much metal as we can, ensuring that very little, if any, ends up in landfills. We are the leaders in junk car removal and will pay you cash for your scrap car. Contact us for efficient and friendly service.

Our scrap car removal for cash offer applies to vehicles in Ottawa, Gatineau, Orleans, Renfrew, and all surrounding areas. Whether you are an official auto wrecker or just want to get rid of that scrap heap that’s been in your yard for months, contact us, and consider it gone – with some cash in your pocket for good measure!

Sell your automobile for cash in Ottawa

Our team has the know-how and professional skill levels, and this is one of the numerous things that we feel proud of. It’s no accident that we are recognized as the leaders in vehicle recycling in Ottawa.

Ultimately, you can take care of that scrap automobile once and for all. The procedure is extremely convenient for you. Call 613-831-2900, or fill out our free online quote form, and our kind representatives will promptly assist you.

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Wondering how much you can get for your vehicle? Simply call us (613-831-2900), or fill our free online quote form. ?♻️


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